Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"The Lord says,
I have called
you by name.
You are mine." Isaiah 43:1

From Cincinnati Children's Hospital her parents write,
"Emily started a salvage high dose chemo on 10/15 with two cycles before going into her bone marrow transplant. Doctor hopes to transplant her within 8 weeks, as long as the donor pulls through. So many kids here don't have a matching donor. We thank all of you who offered to be tested to be a match and I urge you to act if called upon, as someone's life is depending on it. Since our two weeks here, Emily's lymphoma has already spread into her pelvis, femur and spinal cord and brain. We will not lose our faith that this next round of chemo will help to melt away her cancer so she can have a transplant. Please pray that Emily's donor will come through and a transplant will happen for her."
Emily is not allowed visitors, only mail - so gifts will be arriving at the perfect time.
Polka Dot Mom says "Thank you to the moms who donated the first batch of personalized gifts for Emily"

Personalized Polka Dot Lap Desk by Lilybella Boutique
Handpainted Personalized Name and Bible Verse Tile by Dejaroom
Initial Flower Stretchy Headband by Heather Hamilton
Handpainted Name Tees by Jessica
My Name Ribbon Tote Bag from Mimi and Reese
Heart of My Heart Name Garland by Wicked Stitches
...plus some goodies from Polka Dot Market, of course!

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